Tailor made programmes

Conceived to empower teams as well as individuals to regain their focus, (re)group and achieve their (performance) goals.

Company workshops combine the approaches of individual work and group activities, according to the participants needs. We provide effective tools to cope with stressful situations. At the same time, we care for energy balance, which leads to high performance.

The core values of self-leadership – such as liveliness, pausing, increasing the areas of perception and the practice of non-judging – are reflected in both approaches. This leads to high self-motivation and self-responsibility.

The individual work is all about recognizing and physically feeling personal stress patterns within the body. This facilitates the termination or changing of a pattern. A healthy approach towards “difficult” emotions can be learned. Authenticity and clear actions follow.

The group activities provide the opportunity to explore the various possibilities of perception (body, room, environment) during free movements as well as during pausing. We create a vivid connection with ourselves and others around us. This can result in open communication and a constructive team spirit.

The activation sessions in stationary care with Hermine Sperr have become a fixed institution in our house.
The group size increased from 2-3 participants to 10 and we have noticed several relevant improvements, like: a positive team behavior (residents are happy to be part of something), more alert participants, an increase of attention and concentration (after every session).
Furthermore, residents who were passive in the beginning started to contribute actively to the workshops.
Gerrit Murauer, Haus Mariahilf (home for the elderly)